Jack’s Militia originally formed in the spring of 2012 as a meeting of friends to discuss how to grow and change the soccer landscape in Charlotte. The idea had everything to do with supporting of a local professional soccer team while having a great time doing so.

After years of ideas and discussions within the Militia came a man who would help these boys and girls make their dream possible. His name was Jim McPhilliamy. As soon as the announcement was made the Independence would be in Charlotte, Jack’s Militia continued organizing.

We are an fan run supporters group of the Charlotte Independence. Our passion lies deep within the realms of soccer within the city and from throughout the country. Jack’s Militia believes in the game day soccer experience. From the pubs and parking lots to the bleachers, we believe in having a good time with anyone and everyone around. Members of The Militia should be prepared to sing, chant and show their passion for soccer in Charlotte during events.

We’re currently in the process of registering to become a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. Please feel free to review our current By-laws and Articles of Incorporation.

Learn more about the man we’re named after, Captain James Jack.

Come On You Jacks!