12/2 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Maxen, Calvino, Austin, Beth, Shawn, Jay, Josh

Purpose: to determine what the group will do in the coming weeks; share what has been learned


  • Jay, Maxen, and Calvino shared what they have learned in various meetings/discussions with team staff:
    • The team has signed two players; announcement expected Friday
    • The team has a handshake agreement with a coach
    • Logo is 95% done; waiting on Adidas at this point
    • Team expressed that it wants JM to be transparent, whether the mood of the group is positive or negative. Among the board it was discussed that we will be transparent in all matters regarding fan culture, but not regarding our own board meetings, etc.
    • Team needs help in getting this soccer thing going. Most of the very small staff is going double duty on both Independence and the Hounds. It’s only experience is getting lacrosse fans into the stadium.
    • Board agreed that we can’t do much yet without a logo or a team/coach to publicize and start learning/chatting about
    • Team has covered their bases. Most likely the team will not play in Memorial Stadium at all for the 2015 season. There are bids from Winthrop, Queens, UNC Charlotte, and Davidson to host matches next season.
    • The opening match will not be at BOA stadium, but the team is working on getting the July 4th match there. It was brought up by Board members that it should be the May 19th game in BOA to correspond with the Meck Dec signing.
  • Social media has been slow due to the lack of news coming out from the team. There were discussions as to what we could put out there: 1) chants/songs, inviting people to contribute, 2) hint at the unveiling of two players on Friday, 3) future gatherings for JM members
    • Chants
      • Jay and Maxen proposed “Sitting on the top of the World” by Doc Watson (and changing some of the lyrics) as a song to be adopted by JM. The hashtag would be #GOMO. Austin hates this song.
      • Calvino suggested we compile some, invite others to contribute and make a youtube video.
  • Other bars
    • Jay said that Kirin from Connelly’s was tired of watching shitty soccer in Ireland and has no plans of watching it here in CLT. There have been no other communications with other bars (Ben’s, Jacks, Don Pedros, etc).
  • Everyone dug the stickers. Thanks to Josh.
    • Jay still wants business cards – stickers to remain part of the guerilla marketing.
    • Jay brings up the idea of revising the JM logo. If the logo becomes a horse, Maxen volunteers to dress up as the horse – front end.
  • Jill has told Calvino that they need help with the events, planning, etc… this began a conversation on the role of JM in team events/operations.
    • In light of how behind the team staff is in all this, it was discussed that JM would need to have more frequent meetings/gatherings for Board and members in order to get fan culture ready for opening day.
    • It was suggested we create committees within JM to help expedite the work: TiFos, chants, charity work, fan events, etc.
    • It was suggested that JM could host forums for Wade and Jill as a way of giving them some ideas and possible volunteers for various team events.
    • Jay wrapped it up by saying that the team controls team operations and JM does fan culture/support stuff….and that it is important to not muddle the two together.
  • Voting!
    • Our role as JM? It was voted upon unanimously that JM will remain solely concerned with fan culture, not team operations and event organizing. JM can operate as unpaid consultants answering direct questions with our collective experiences, but JM is not planning the events. JM Board members can volunteer time to help organize events, but this is as his/her own person and not as a JM rep.
    • Chants: It was voted upon unanimously to get ideas for chants and songs out on social media ASAP and ask for members/fans to contribute ideas, create chants, etc.
    • Logo change for JM? One vote NO, three votes to Table, one vote to abstain. Topic has been tabled. It was brought up that right now JM is the only logo people have related to the team… we need to have brand consistency.
    • Next gathering and purpose: It was voted upon unanimously to hold a FIFA tournament on Dec 8 at Hooligans (date won out over Dec 16). This event will be a membership drive event and a time for general merriment amongst soccer fans. No additional meetings/forums for members until January.
  • Next steps:
    • Shawn will file the paperwork.
    • Promote the Dec 8th FIFA tourney – it is less than a week away.
    • Promote chant creation on all the social medias.
    • There is $$ in the bank, what do we do with it?
    • Next board meeting?

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