Meet a Jack: Kendall Jackson

Who are ya?

My name is Kendall Jackson, I am the new President of Jack’s Militia. I have lived in the Charlotte area pretty much my whole life. I played varsity soccer at Mt Pleasant High School which is about 20 min outside of Charlotte. After High School I went into coaching and officiating. I was also a board member for the Mt Pleasant Youth Soccer Association for about 5 years. Soccer is my passion and me having the privilege to be the president of Jack’s Militia is a huge honor. My family and I own Tarheel Air and Lube in Concord which was started about 5 years ago. My mom and dad are both season ticket holders for the Charlotte Independence and you will see them pop up around Jack’s Militia quite often.

Why are you a fan of the Independence?

As soon as I heard Indy was buying the USL rights from the Eagles I was excited. The more I studied the organization and saw their aspirations for the future, I knew it was something I wanted to get on board with. It didn’t take me long at all to fall in love with this team. I think I was won over after the UNC preseason game at Providence Day High School. I think this team has an awesome group of players and coaches both on and off the field. At any Jack’s Miltia meeting or Indy party you will probably end up hanging out with Jim and more than likely will see a number of players and maybe even coach Jefferies. That sold me on this team there outreach to there fans.

Why did you join Jack’s Militia?

As soon as the team was announced I started looking to see if they had as supporter group. That was the one thing I always thought was missing at Eagles game, there was just no atmosphere from the fans. I had been to DC and stood with the Screaming Eagles and experienced that so when I heard there was a new team with big goals for the future I knew there had to be a supporter group with it. I came across Jack’s Militia and went to the first meeting at OMB. After meeting the original board that day I was hooked. The funny think about that night is me and my best friend Garrett joked that one day we could be in charge of Jack’s Militia never did I think one year later i would be the president.

I thought I was your best friend? That hurts, Kendall, that really hurts.

What was your role in 2015?

At the start of the season I was just a member of Jack’s Militia. I had no role until the August which is when the board made some changes and I was brought on as a board member.

Other than finding a new best friend, what are your thoughts on the 2015 season?

This topic could probably go on for days or weeks. 2015 was an amazing year, even with the headaches with the stadium, it was one of the best times of my life. I think the team preformed very well last year considering the first half of the season they didnt know where their home stadium was. As far as away trips I don’t think any anyone can disagree when I say the first trip to Charleston if you rode the bus it was the best trip of your life. I also traveled to Wilmington and Richmond last year. The Wilmington trip was pretty awesome me and Jordan were pretty much the only Charlotte supporters there. We were sitting on the back of our car when 2 Port City Firm members came over and told us to join them. It was a really eye opening experience to how close soccer fans can be even though you don’t support the same team. We were treated before the game as if they had known us for 20 years and since that game I have became very good friends with a few of there members.

Who was your favorite player last year?

This could be quite a long list I mean Mechack, Duckett, Slogic (captain 3d), Cox, Del Piccolo… I really don’t think I can pick one.

Who was your favorite player that didn’t return?

I think Andrew Ribeiro is the one I will miss the most because he was one of the most consistent players for Charlotte last year and if I’m not mistaken he played the most minutes.

What are your goals as President?

My goals for 2016 are to see the Militia grow. I want Jack’s Militia to be something that the Charlotte Independence is proud of and that gives the Jack’s a home field advantage every game at Ramblewood. I also want us to be more appealing to the average fan. It is easy for us to pick up the die hard soccer fan because we are exactly what they are looking for but reaching the average soccer fan and turning them into a die hard fan such as myself would be great. I also want Jack’s Militia to be more active in the community helping this sport grow outside of just the Charlotte Independence.

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