Queen City Outlaws Scarf

We’ve (finally) made our second scarf!

Similar to our shirts, we’ve highlighted the rumored claim from General Cornwallis after the Battle of Charlotte in 1780 that Charlotte is a “Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion.”


Scarves will cost $15 during the pre-order. The pre-order will end on September 21. After the pre-order, a small quantity of extra scarves will be available for $20.

Scarves can be picked up at Courtyard Hooligans during specified games for no additional cost. If you’re unable to pick your scarf up at Courtyard Hooligans then we can ship your scarf for $5.

Please send questions to QCOutlaws@gmail.com. QCO should receive the scarves one month after the pre-order is completed.

THE PRE-ORDER HAS ENDED. If you’re interested in purchasing a scarf, please send an email to QCOutlaws@gmail.com. Scarves will now cost $20.