11/10 Roundtable: Minutes

Purpose: to host a round table with area soccer fans interested in supporting the Club and/or initiatives of JM


  1. With approximately 30+ people in attendance, including Jim and some Club staff, Shawn introduced Jack’s Militia and Exec Committee members introduced themselves.
  2. Topic/question was posed to attendees: why soccer and what do you want to a supporters group to do?
    1. Lots of drinking and yelling
    2. Foster the spirit of soccer
    3. Away trips
    4. Cultivate relationships and a shared culture with international groups within the city
    5. Attend all home matches, march to stadium via a route throughout the city and to various places/bars; etc… Jack’s statue, lap around stadium,
    6. SWAG available – the more the better
      1. Scarves, beer mugs, shirts
    7. TiFos, chants
    8. Tiered membership dues à different levels of SWAG
    9. General admission in supporters groups section
  3. Information shared by JM
    1. Jack’s Militia is an official supporters group of the Charlotte Independence and want to actively foster and support other supporters groups that may originate at various bars, college campuses, neighborhoods, etc…
    2. All supporters groups will sit GA together in a designated section in Memorial Stadium
    3. All supporters groups will have a bathroom designated for their members in the stadium, as well as a bar with discounted beer prices.
    4. There are a number of social media formats in which to connect with JM: Facebook, Twitter, set hashtags, website.
    5. JM wants chants, TiFos, organized away trips, organized home match day events, as well as a consistent presence in the community via charitable work and donation.
    6. JM’s current Exec Committee will serve until December 2015 and a new Exec Committee will be voted in via email among all paid members of JM.
    7. It is currently $10 to join JM, but we must remember when we pay more in dues we receive more. Some in attendance mentioned a willingness to pay $20 – $25 annually for JM benefits.
    8. JM is not kid friendly in terms of cursing, standing, chanting, singing, dancing, jumping, or consumption of alcohol. However JM will self-police to eliminate any violence, racism, or abuse of any kind. Offenders will be handed over to the appropriate authorities if such behavior continues. Jim (owner of the team) assures there will be a family friendly section designated within the stadium.
    9. There will be a U18 supporters section adjacent to JM’s section. This is to unify all supporters groups regardless of age but to also prevent easy access to alcohol by minors. Those under the age of 18 can sit in JM section if accompanied by a parent or guardian or with equivalent written permission.
    10. There will be a 2-day soccer tournament among all supporters groups annually – ideally on the CLT Independence pitch.
  4. Information shared by CLT Independence Employees:
    1. Jim wants a fun atmosphere, complete with drinking and chanting, at all matches.
    2. Memorial Stadium will not be ready to host first handful of home matches. The ownership group is in talks with the City of Charlotte to possibly have the first home opener in BOA Stadium with home games after that being hosted at an area soccer field, ie: Queens, UNC Charlotte. Nothing at this point is set in place. And the County and City are moving very slowly in this area.
    3. First match will be in mid-March.
    4. Logo and colors are determined and are currently at Adidas for kit design. Not sure when unveiling will be for public.
      1. After the round table formally ended, Club employees were asking attendees and Exec Committee members for ideas for how this unveiling should happen.
    5. The $30 that was paid to join The Horsemen will be turned over to JM or another supporters group of the payee’s choice and/or it will go towards season tickets.
    6. The $50 that was paid by some to ensure season tickets will be put towards the purchase of those season tickets. These season ticket packages will have first choice in where the tickets are located in the stadium and season ticket seats within the supporters group section are permitted.
    7. CLT Ind have been invited to participate in the 2016 Charleston Battery Challenge Cup. They were also invited for this coming year, but the timing was too soon to organize a team and be ready for such a competition.

Next Steps:

1. When is the next meeting for JM?

2. What is the next communication/collaboration with the Club? It seems there are a lot of questions coming from Club employees (marketing, tickets, operations) regarding events, logo unveiling, etc…

3. What is our next event?

4. What has been the feedback and participation on our social media outlets?

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